The process of painting and creating art is meditative for me.


I am drawn to the process of creating – for me, it about expressing my emotions through art.  I have created art since I was a child and as an adult it is an incredibly grounding process for me. Like the feeling of “coming home”.


My art has an oceanic, moody quality to it. When I create each piece I hope to convey a sense of brooding, many pieces using deeper colours which you might find in a body of water.  I love the effect of light coming through the dark, almost like a glimmer of hope through turbulent times.  I am drawn to the juxtaposition of beautiful but edgy, dark and moody yet hopeful. Always contemplative and always deep. For me, water is a continual source to reflect on as are the skies that lie above it.


Lake Ontario has given me a never-ending source of inspiration. My early morning dog walks allow me to snap inspiring pictures which I later refer to when in my studio.  The sun peeking through tempermental skies over the lake is a perfect start for my next work of art.

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